10 Best Pool Brush Reviews For 2019 & Expert Buyer Guide

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A nice and well maintained Swimming pool adds up elegance to your house's overall looks and environment. Specially during the summer season your pool will be a saving grace. But a dirty pool isn’t the ideal spot to cool down.

A good looking pool requires regularly proper maintenance. The green and brown bits that you see on the pool floor are mostly dust and debris that can be carried in by the feet of the swimmers and also through breeze. 

Cleanliness and hygiene are beyond important to us. Your above ground pool steps won't be looking that smart if you are not maintaining it properly. What we need really are state-of-the-art pool brushes for all kinds of pools. Versatility never went out of style and with so many different kinds of pools out there; you really need a jack of all trades at hand.

But there’s a solution—.

Comparison on 10 Best Pool Brush in 2019

Crystal Pool Brush

This new Crystal Pool Brush is made for efficiency with a future forward design, lasting capability with a lifetime replacement guarantee (yes, you read that right) and with all the scientific and engineering goods which gives it the rightful claim of being the best pool brush in the business.

Each time you use it, it’s telling you how it is going to make your life better, you know? It’s hard to explain but many times you come across these products which make you work for it, and not the other way around. This one isn’t like that. 

Read on, it gets better!

Right away, you check out its frame. This super lightweight brush is made of stainless steel. It’s light but it holds strong in the fight against all dirts and grit that stubbornly sticks on to the pool floors and walls.

The durability comes courtesy of the heat-treated alloy which will do wonders for you.

And this is exactly how it is going to do that - the easy to push slimline design frame makes it easy to operate as it cuts through water like air and cleans all the nooks and crannies. It is so easy to manage and comfortable to handle that you will soon stop worrying over the pool cleaning system.

The algae killing, dirt busting, hyper cleaning bristles are so strong and durable they will last you over years without a single fall out.  However the plastic used is sensitive enough to not damage the pool lining. It will preserve and protect it instead.

It’s the friendliest, long lasting strong metal broom from heaven which is here to protect your pool needs that simply makes it the best swimming pool brush you’ll come across. I know, it’s a lot of endorsement going its away, but this baby scoops it all up deservedly.

However, for cons a more distinct look from its lesser competitors would have given it an edge.

2. The Wall Whale Swimming Pool Brush- Best Nylon Pool Brush

The Wall Whale Swimming Pool Brush

Tired of hiring people to clean out the swimming pool every week? Having back-pains trying to save some extra cash on maintenance? Well, your search has come to an end! The Wall Whale Swimming Pool Brush is your friend.

This best nylon pool brush is powerful, fast, thorough, versatile and most importantly - SIMPLE! Which is why, you can use it yourself while standing erect on your backbone. Say no to back pain and hello to a sparkly clean pool floor every day!

You can use this stainless steel pool brush for months and it will look just as good as nice. The brush weighs only 1 pound but the dimensions are 18 x 2 x 12 inches - perfect for the size of an average residential pool!

Once you purchase this brush, you will fall in love with it! The dimension of the brush is perfect for a thorough cleaning of the floors, waterline and the steps. It is very easy-to-use as well. Just attach the brush to any standard swimming pool pole (or net pole) you have at hand, and push the brush firmly into place by exerting some force. Once the brush is held in place, you can use it to scrub the big slimy floors and even those stubborn dirty nooks and crannies away!

Notice the big flap on the brush? That’s where the real magic comes to life - when you push the brush down through the water, the force exerted by water will drive down the brush and make it easier for you to reach the bottom of the pool.

Now all you have to do is keep moving the flap around with some controlled force and the tail of the pole will create a force 10 times higher than that of the water and help to move the flap around efficiently.

The angle of the tail and the flap is adjustable to movement, therefore, the device will last you a while even with the high underwater pressure. This is really, the one-step solution for all your pool worries.

The only down-side to this device is that it may not be as efficient on a vinyl-pool, but if you have a fiberglass or a concrete/gunite pool, then this is it for you! You will not regret buying this product but you will definitely come back again to purchase more to keep in store before stocks run out.

3. Blue Devil B3518 Wall Brush Deluxe- Best Above Ground Pool Brush

Blue Devil B3518 Wall Brush Deluxe

Are you looking for a pool brush that can prove to be effective against the sticky bacteria keeping your pool dirty? Are you sick of the slimy algae in your swimming pool wall that you have hard time removing? Then Blue Devil B3518 Wall Brush Deluxe 18-Inch is the one you are looking for.

Apart from being enduring and strong enough to scrub the pool wall, it covers a lot of space at once since the brush is 18 inches long; and thus it will save you a lot of time and effort.

The best above ground pool brush is really flexible and it easily adjusts to fit all the corners correctly. The metal back makes it all the more lasting and getting rust on it is a rare occasion. The poly bristles of it reach in every inch of your pool wall. It can easily brush off the floor, steps and every corner of your pool in no time. It is designed to fit in any of the pool poles available in your nearest supplies store.

Blue Devil B3518 Wall Brush Deluxe can easily fit in the aluminum extension telepolis. So you can reach out to every part of the pool without even diving inside. It saves your time and lessens the ordeals. You will no longer have to worry about the biofilm that chlorine in your pool water often fails to prevent.

The poly bristles will scrub and wipe out even the stickiest algae. Once you have this brush in hand, you will not have look for the next brush in several years. Investing on it will bring the best swimming pool brush at your service.

4. U.S. Pool Supply Professional 18": Best Pool Brush Pole

U.S. Pool Supply Professional 18" Aluminum Wall & Floor Pool Brush

There are many aluminum brushes on the market but most of them will not even last one week. If you want something that’s sturdy and durable then this is the best pool brush you can get. The difference between this aluminum brush and the other ones you will find is that this one really is made with genuine aluminum.

The pole of the brush will not erode even with the stubborn chemicals in the pool water. Brushing the swimming pool can be a strenuous task but your job will be much easier with this brush. So it's our best pool brush pole.

The specialty of this brush is the sturdy aluminum back that will give you really good support against the force of the water. It has curved ends with 5 rows of soft but durable nylon bristles. The softness and the density of the bristles make it suitable for even your vinyl-lined pool floors.

The brush is most effective at sweeping away any debris from the floors and the walls. The brush weighs only 12 ounces, so you can stand on the side of the pool and comfortably sweep away without even bending over. Just attach any pool brush pole you have at home and make your pool floors sparkle.

You will be surprised at the rigid make of this brush. Nothing will budge or get loose, the bristles are firmly held in place so there is no fear of the bristles to fall out. You will notice the big investment in quality straight away!

5. Milliard 5" Heavy Duty Wire Pool Algae Brush: Best pool brush for plaster

Milliard 5" Heavy Duty Wire Pool Algae Brush

Check out the name, do you really need anything more than this for your pool? This is the perfect all around item that will clean and sweep out any dirt and debris from your pool area. This heavy duty grime fighter will keep all the algae away.

The measures of the brush are only 9.8 x 7.6 x 1.8 inches and it weighs only a mere 8.5 ounces. The brush is relatively small, but as they say, good things come in small packages - the smaller the brush the easier it is to twist and turn to reach all the pesky corners where algae might be hiding.

A wire pool brush like this does a solid job of picking up the tenacious algae that builds up on the concrete surfaces of the pool. The bristles are reinforced with aluminum so that you can exert a good amount of pressure to remove stains and disrupt the growth of algae.

It is one of the best pool brush for plaster, designed with detailed precision to tilt at a 45 degree angle to support a strong hold. The brush will be the most effective on concrete and granite pools. It is made with aluminum and ABS plastic to prevent rusting under water. The brush comes without a handle pole but it is designed to work with any standard pool pole perfectly.

The size and the weight of the pool is suitable for working those difficult bends where a normal pool brush will not be able to reach properly. It is the best high quality 10 inch pool brush you can get your hands on and it really will do a professional cleaner’s job for you absolutely free of cost every time.

6. U.S. Pool Supply Heavy Duty 20": Best pool brush for corners

U.S. Pool Supply Heavy Duty 20" Flexible Floor & Wall Pool Brush

This heavy duty 20 inch pool brush is made with a sturdy aluminum back that tilts to adjust so that you can have the pleasure of reaching into all the bends and folds of the pool walls that you have never reached before. It is the best pool brush that you can rely on. The bristles are made of nylon, which make them strong and yet flexible to touch.

The dimensions of the brush are 20 x 6 x 4 inches and it weighs about 12 ounces. You will find this to be a comfortable measure when fighting against the grimy floors and walls of the pool. It is a variable width brush with 5 to 7 rows of good quality bristles. And that makes it the best pool brush for corners.

The brush comes alone but you can use any standard size pool pole to attach with it. The brush will sit tightly in place and will not nudge even when you exert pressure on the handle. Cleaning will be fast and satisfactory as the bristles are really soft.

The design is the same as any wall whale pool brush on the market and if you have ever used one of those then you know exactly how much of a help this brush will be when trying to do a quick clean of your pool.

Use the long brush to the full advantage of its length and clean your pool within just a few minutes. The top of the brush is made of aluminum, which means that it will not erode away like those steel brushes. You will not need a replacement for this brush any time soon and when you finally do, you will notice yourself coming back to buy one more of these.

7. Milliard Pool Brush, 18": Best pool brush for algae

Milliard Pool Brush, 18" Extra-Wide, Heavy Duty Wire

As pretty & calm as pools get, they can be some of the ugliest sights in the world.

If you’re nodding your head, you know exactly where this is going.

One look:

  • At the pool with the algae accumulation
  • The diseased color of the water and
  • The thought of having to clean it up—

Makes you want to dive in and never resurface.

The heavy duty, efficiently crafted Milliard Pool Brush proved to be the answer I’ve been looking for.  Won’t lie, I wasn’t expecting any miracles, but this 18 inch wide SweepEase pool brush became one of the most versatile tools you can ever own.

The problem typically rises with algae formation. The continuous buildup can become a tough task to deal with. No matter which tool or brush you use, it simply won’t budge, right?

Of course, bristle power was of great significance when choosing a brush.

  • This has got the subpar nylon stuff beat by a long stretch for it uses stainless steel wire bristles.  Also, you only have so much time in the day for this.
  • It was helpful to see their brush came in at 18 inches wide and at a 45° angle.

We all know what that means. This one is already a leading contender for the best pool brush for algae out there.

  • This brush will clean out dirt from all the pesky nooks and crannies of the pool corners.

Total time savior and a savior in general! Oh, and far as toughness goes—

This one is on a league of its own and truly one of the best pool brushes you would come across. 

  • High-grade aluminum and plastic are the ideal combination to withstand long time service, wear and tear and be durable for longer than the standard brush.

However, a downside would be it’s not as effective on pebble tec pools as it is on others. Otherwise, this is a smart and safe purchase for all.

8. Heavy Duty Pool Brush 18" Premium: Best pool brush for concrete pool

Heavy Duty Pool Brush 18" Premium Aluminium Swimming Pool Cleaning Brush

This is a premium quality brush that will make you enjoy cleaning your pool (believe it or not). When you order this brush you are saying no to all the unnecessarily heavy bills that your cleaner charges you every time you want to have some fun in the pool.

The best pool brush for concrete pool is available in three sizes - 5”, 10” and 18”, so no matter how small or big your pool is, you will be able to use this brush. This is the best pool brush to clean your floors, tiles, walls and steps without doing any harm to your pool liner. You will definitely be impressed!

This brush does not come with a pole but it does come with an EZ clip handle which means that any pool pole can be attached to it with just a tiny click. The make of the brush is of very high quality and you can finally skip buying pool brushes for a long time - well, it is a bunnings pool brush after all. It will last you long.

The brushes are made of wire, so using it on for a fiber glass pool is not recommended but if you have gunite, concrete or vinyl-liners then this is your buy!

The bigger sizes might be a little heavy to carry but that extra weight is particularly designed so that the weight makes cleaning a more automated process. Due to the weight, the floors will be cleaned more thoroughly and all the dirt will effectively be washed away despite their strong hold on the floor.

9. Poolmaster 18100 17-1/2" Pool Brush - Basic Collection

Poolmaster 18100 17-1/2" Pool Brush - Basic Collection

You need to have this friendly and light brush in your pool brush collection! As the name suggests, it has a 17.5 inch polypropene body that weighs only about 8 ounces. It is a very light weight device for your pool. You can do a sort of light cleaning just after a dense wash so that you can keep the walls, floors and sides of the pool clean for a longer time.

Although it is very lightweight, you will be surprised at how well it will clean out algae without requiring you to apply a lot of force on it. The curved design of the body will make it a smooth experience for you as the body can bend slightly to reach all the right areas.

You will find yourself tossing and turning the pole, without any difficulty, to remove dirt from all the weird, hidden corners. It has 5 rows of bristles that are made to endure and sustain through the varying temperature of the pool water.

All in all, it is the best pool brush you will find for the price. You can clean your spa with it as well! Pool cleaning will not seem a daunting task anymore. Rather, it will be something that you find yourself doing casually every other day. This brush will save you from having to do a thorough cleaning of your pool every few days. Save yourself some money and save the back pain with this friendly cleaner.

10. Milliard 18" Heavy Duty Nylon/Wire Hybrid Swimming Pool Algae Brush

Milliard 18" Heavy Duty Nylon/Wire Hybrid Swimming Pool Algae Brush

Pool algae are the bane of our existence on the days when all you need is to relax. Nothing but the best pool brush can get the job done.

Go ahead, try.

It’s no easy task cleaning up the mess. The pool looks like the Grinch got murdered there. Tough as nails pool brushes are necessary to clean it up and that too with little effort, done so efficiently and for long lasting results.

How to clean pool using pool brush

To clean the pool, choose a proper pool brush for your specific swimming pool. It is very important to clean the pool regularly, especially in the summer. The leaf rick will remove larger wastes like rocks and twigs that might gather under water and clog the drains.

The skimmer net, on the other hand, will remove the leaves and debris from the surface. Check the two baskets of the pool pump for more solid waste that can clog up the entire system. Always empty these baskets and especially do so after any storms or natural disasters has passed. Make sure that the gasket in the pool pump is in good condition to catch dirt from the water.

After this, sweep the entire pool floor, walls and steps to remove growing algae and any other fungus that might grow in slimy surfaces of the water. For the maximum results when brushing, direct the highest amount of suction to the pool’s main drain by turning the suction control valve in the suction control area of the skimmer.

Use slow and smooth brush strokes and do not skip over any area. Start brushing the pool from the shallow part of the pool to the deeper part. After the brushing is complete, clean the waterline and finally vacuum the pool to remove the dirt completely.

Final Verdict

Those are some pretty steep expectations to hit not to mention it all needs to come under a competitive budget.

This is where the Gorilla Pool Brush comes in handy.

Its handle is made of aluminum. Angled at 45°, the 18" wide brush can reach for places with its gritty wire/nylon bristles you did not even imagine existed from every corner to hidden spots.  The first time I used it, I realized how scientifically tested and scrutinized these simple tools have to be.

That brought about a whole new appreciation for stuff like this where, pretty much, lab technicians worked on something aimed to turn that green death scene of the pool turn into pristine heavenly waters.

This Gorilla pool brush does just that and more. 

Goes around edges, doesn’t hurt the vinyl, easy on the eyes and so much more.

Don’t be hesitant about pushing its limits. Turns out this aluminum and ABS plastic formed body and withstand a lot more than you can exert.

It should, however, distinguish its looks from that of its competitors. They all seem derivative these days and that’s a setback you should consider before going for the purchase.

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