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How To Correctly Grip A Squash Racquet

Squash Grip: How To Correctly Grip A Squash Racquet

Are you new to squash playing? Then before straightly on learning the shots, first, you must learn how to grip the racket correctly. Correctly gripping the squash racquet will enable you to play the shots effectively. Mastering in any sport requires a lot of practice. And practicing the correctly from the very beginning is the key […]

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Ice Hockey Equipment

Ice Hockey Equipment – Complete List for You

Want to be an excellent Ice Hockey player? Then you must have detailed idea about the game first. But before jumping on straight to the game rules, you must be familiar with all the ice hockey equipment. Its’ because ice hockey involves a lot of gears and you have to carry them while playing. Though 12 […]

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Regulation Volleyball Net Heights

Regulation Volleyball Net Heights: A Definitive Guide

Do you know what is the correct volleyball net height in feet? The right height of the volleyball net has really an undeniable impact on the volleyball game. The game net is a key element for this game. But if you don’t know the right regulation of the net heights and hang it in a improper […]

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Roller Hockey Equipment

Roller Hockey Equipment – What Do You Need For A Safe Game?

Looking up for playing a roller hockey game? Then, first of all, make sure that you have geared up correctly. Playing hockey involves more equipment than squash or tennis. It’s because it’s a fast-paced sport with a lot of physical contact between the hockey players. Also, there’s a higher chance of injury by slipping or falling […]

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Swimming Pool Maintenance

How To Acid Wash, Repair & Paint On A Swimming Pool

Pool repair can be a hell of a task sometimes, especially if you are new to this job. There are several ways of repairing the pool depending on your need. Acid washing and painting are two great ways of repairing your pool and bring some life back in it. So let’s discuss on how you can […]

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Importance of Pool Brushing

How Often Should I Brush My Pool? Is Brushing Your Pool Regularly Really Important?

Swimming in the pool is undoubtedly one of the best way to spend the summer vacation. If you are a pool owner you know what I tried to mean. But enjoying the summer in your own pool also cost you some basic maintenance. Brushing the pool regularly is one of them. Maybe you are already using […]

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What To Look For In An Ankle Brace

What To Look For In An Ankle Brace?

If you are a regular volleyball player, then you certainly know how much athleticism it needs to take part in the game. During a volleyball game, most/ of the time you have to spend to dodge the ground. A volleyball player volleys forward with the knees outright to the court. At that time, the backside of […]

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Explaining The Different Types Of Squash Shots – Ultimate Guide

Are you new to playing squash? It’s a game that requires mastering of different shots to be an expert. Squash shots are the combination of endurance and tricky movements from different angles. To win over a game, you must have a good arsenal of shot strategies. So apart from the gears, you must learn how […]

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In-Ground Vs Above Ground Pools

In-Ground Vs Above Ground Pools: Advantages And Disadvantages

Want to install a pool in your house? Do you prefer to enjoy the weather with your favorite wine on the poolside? Finding it hard to set which pool will suit you the best? Then you are in the right place. If you are thinking about installing a pool in your house then first you need […]

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Volleyball Knee Pads

Volleyball Knee Pads | Everything You Need To Know

Knees are very critical joints in our body. It links the shin bone to the femur bone in our legs. Besides, it keeps your smaller bones and patella in place in your body. A ton goes ahead with the knees while you utilize them. And, you have to use your knees almost in every work […]

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