How Often Should I Brush My Pool? Is Brushing Your Pool Regularly Really Important?

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Swimming in the pool is undoubtedly one of the best way to spend the summer vacation. If you are a pool owner you know what I tried to mean. But enjoying the summer in your own pool also cost you some basic maintenance. Brushing the pool regularly is one of them.

Maybe you are already using the top rated Pool skimmers to keep the pool clean regularly but are those truly 100% effective in cleaning all the corner of the pool? There are still some parts left which need some more attention such as the pool wall and steps. And there isn’t any other way of cleaning these areas without manual effort with a high quality pool brush.

Want to know why you should brush your pool? Well, let’s talk about this.

Importance of brushing the pool on a regular basis:

Preventing the formation of algae:

There are some algae which are very fond of the swimming pool as their little sweet home. The chemical cleaner you put in the pool water or the automatic pool skimmers don’t have much effect on the floor and the wall surface of the pool .that’s why the algae grow most on the floor tiles or on the wall.

The only way of getting rid of these stubborn algae is to brush the pool surface with a proper pool brush. Brushing the pool regularly will save the pool surface from algae contamination. The more the algae grow the more they work as a barrier which makes the chemical detergents unable to do their proper job of cleaning the pool water.

There are most likely 21,000 different types of algae that grow in the pool water. Each type needs different types of algaecides which you can easily find in the store. But no matter how much algaecides you put you need to brush the pool surface to completely get rid of the algae and prevent further spreading of the algae.

Clear fine dirt:

You can clean all the big floating dirt with the skimmers and pool filtration system. But even after all this filtration ash, smoke, dust and fine particles can skip this filtration and accumulate on the floor and pool wall. To clean this you definitely need the aid from a pool brush. Brushing will lift this fine dirt and keep the pool surface clean for a longer period.

Get rid of the organic dirt:

Organic dirt is the main culprit which feed the algae and let them grow in the pool water. So you need to get rid of these organic and brushing the pool regularly will help you in this purpose. So just take out the brush and start brushing the pool.

Prevent staining:

If the algae and other dirt continuously accumulate on the pool surface they will leave a stain on the pool surface which is definitely not what you want. So to prevent the stain and get rid of the staining you already have on the pool surface, you need to brush the pool. This will also keep the pool away from frequent high maintenance and will save a lot of money.

Be safe from accidents:

Dirt and algae accumulated on the pool surface make the floor and steps slippery which can lead to accidents. So to keep the pool away from being slippery you need to brush the pool on a regular basis.

Be aware of the warm:

Sometimes the algae can feed the worm in the pool water which is the last thing you want, right? So to prevent this from happening, brush the pool earnestly once every week.

How to brush the pool:

Brushing the pool isn’t that hard job. All you need to choose the pool brush. You can use any type brush you prefer but the nylon one is the best. Now fasten your brush with a tele pole and goes over the area such as the floor, the wall, and the steps.

If you have a spa in your pool, give this area a special care. You don’t need to work too hard since the bristle will do all the work as long as they are in good condition. You can use any detergent meant for pool surface during this process. You will get a perfect sparkly pool surface by this way.

But don’t forget to store the brush properly after use and don’t keep them in direct sunlight since it will detour the bristles shape.

Which area you can leave without brushing:

You can skip brushing the pool surface that often if you have an automatic pool cleaner with a tail since it will help for doing scrub . So, in this case, you can leave the floor without brushing for a longer period of time.

But if your skimmer doesn’t have a tail then, either way, get a skimmer with a tail or clean the pool floor manually like you will do the other parts. This will keep the floor smooth and clean for you.

You can also seek for professional help for a deeper cleaner once in every 6 months.

When is the best time to brush the pool?

With regular use, you need to brush the pool at least once every week. In the peak season you can do it twice per week depending upon the circumstances. This will take 15-20 minutes each session depending on the pool size and design. But you can always ask for help from your family and friends. Don’t skip this task if you don’t want your pool to rot for lack of maintenance.

Benefits of regular pool Cleaning:

Brushing the pool regularly is a part of pool maintenance. And maintaining the pool properly will pay you off in many ways.

It keeps away all the dirt accumulation and algae formation away from the pool. This will also keep the pool surface smooth and stain free. This adds up to the overall lifespan of the pool and saves you money when it comes to the deep pool cleaning and maintenance.

This will also keep the pool water extra clean and keep the water healthy for a longer period of time. We all know how much hassle is to drain and use new water in a short period of time for the pool. This will also cost a lot of money. And only properly clean pool has the perfect balance in the water which is essential for your skin as well.

You can also avoid the slippery floor and steps which can result in accidents sometimes.

So do this brushing process regularly and your pool will thank you afterward? And of course your wallet as well.

Final word:

Maintaining the pool is a must for every pool owner and you can make this job easy by doing little by little every day. Brushing pool will keep the pool surface clean and the pool water fresh in the long run.

It also keeps the pool water healthy. So be earnest when it comes to brushing the pool once in every week even if you are not using the pool quite often. Cause even if you are not using the pool dirt still accumulate in the pool surface and will aid the algae to grow faster in an unused pool.

All you need to do is get a nylon pool brush and sweep it on the pool surface. The bristles will take care of the rest and you don’t need to strain your muscles. So why to skip this simple job when doing it properly can give you the ultimate swimming experience. It will also cut some money from the yearly pool maintenance. So the choice is all yours to make.

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