What Is The Purpose Of A Pool Skimmer?

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Are you a pool owner? Or working for a pool cleaning section? Worried about your regularly pool cleaning? Then don’t worry. You are in the right place.

Cleaning the pool can be a very hectic job. But if you clean it every day, then the dirt won’t pile up and cleaning will be easy as well.

And when it comes to the pool cleaning pool skimmers can be the best option to go for.

Skimmers can be both manual and automatic. Arranging skimmers for the pool can really save you lot of time and money at the same time. Besides you can keep the pool water clean and healthy as long as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into the details.

What is a pool skimmer?

A pool skimmer is a tool that is that is in charge of cleaning pools. This device is placed on the pool wall and connected to the suction pump of the pool. The mouth like opening you see on the border is basically the skimmer opening.

The skimmers accumulate larger dirt such as leaves or other floating debris while the suction pump circulates the water. Skimmers are another efficient way of cleaning the pools with less effort.

So pool skimmers are a necessity for your pool. The number of skimmers you will need depends on the size of your pool. But try to keep the water level of the pool about the halfway of the skimmers opening. This will help to collect the dirt more efficiently with help of suction pump and pool filtration system.

 Basic parts of a skimmer

The basic parts of a pool skimmer include a lid, the mouth, the weir and the basket. Each section has their different purposes.

The lid covers the opening of the skimmer and also prevents any dirt from falling in the suction pipe.

The mouth is the opening we see on the wall. It actually collects and passes the dirt to the filtration system.

The weir is a flap kind of a thing that prevents the dirt to go back to the pool after the filtration. It acts like a valve and helps the basket to house the dirt.

The basket is another very important part of the skimmer. It prevents the filtration system from getting clogged and contains the dirt on it.

Plumbing is also an important factor you need to pay attention to. The plumbing differs from skimmer to skimmer.

Types of pool skimmer

Pool skimmers are important cleaning devices. What kind of skimmer you need depends on the pool type.

There are two types of skimmers depending on the pool type.

1. Above-ground pool skimmer:

These skimmers are usually attached with screws. They need a different type of pool water pumps than the in-ground pool skimmers. These skimmers have a safety cover with them.

2. In-Ground pool skimmers:

These are the skimmers which are engraved on the side walls of the pool. You can’t usually see full form of these but you see the mouth on the walls.Both above ground and in-ground skimmers have different types according to their working process. Such as:

1. Manual skimmers:

As the name suggests these skimmers don't need any power supply cause they are just net attached to a pole. You need to stir it in the pool water to get the job done. But they are not quite efficient since they only collect the larger dirt like leaves or large insects. Some of the skimmer models have a hose that connects to the pool filtration system. This help sucks the dirt and does a better cleaning.

2. Automatic skimmers:

This type of automatic skimmers is connected to the inlet of the pump drain system. As the water starts to circulate inside the hose, small paddles maneuver the skimmer. And the skimmer starts the cleaning. These models have randomized movement pattern to prevent getting stuck in one place. But you have to set the movement pattern after a certain time.

3. Self-contained or floating skimmers:

These are automatic floating skimmers. These look like small floating robots. These are self-powered as the name suggest. They produce the power from electricity by solar panels. So you can use them as long as the sun is up in the sky.

These are more efficient in picking up the dirt, the big and the smaller one as well. These are a little expensive than the other two types mentioned before. But the extra penny is worth the investment as it saves up the electricity supply for the pump as the pump no longer has to maneuver the skimmer.

Difference between them

Difference between the in-ground skimmer and a floating skimmer is mainly the mobility features. The in-ground skimmers can’t move along the pool or at least not on their own. They are engraved on the wall. Even if you think of the automatic skimmers, their movement isn’t totally automatic. You have to manually set the direction periodically.

The power supply is also on you. You have to provide electrical supply to the pump and the pump will indirectly maneuver the skimmer as it circulates the water. This will cost you more power than the floating type skimmer.

On the other hand, the floating type skimmers are self-powered. They run on solar energy produced on the inbuilt solar panel. So you get less electrical power consumption. And as the name suggests these have no issue with the mobility. They can set the course on their own and will continue to clean the pool.

But floating skimmers can’t operate when the sun is out. Since they run on solar, they won’t be able to produce energy at night. So they aren’t useful at night time.

But the automatic in-ground skimmers don’t have a time limit. You can run them any time you want.

Depending on the price range the floating skimmers are more expensive than the automatic in-ground skimmers.

How does it work?

Now let’s see the science behind these skimmers and how they function.

We already talked about the main components of a skimmer. A skimmer mainly consists of a mouth, a weir, a basket, and plumbing. Remember we talked about the plumbing system for the skimmers. Now we will see how that is going to come in handy.

The plumbing of the skimmer is connected to the pool pump system. So it creates the suction when the pump circulates water in the skimmer mouth.

Then due to suction, the dirt will start to accumulate at the weir and the weir will help to pass the dirt to the basket.

The water will travel through the filtration system and return to the pool in a nice and clean form. This process is repeated again and again and to keep the pool free from dirt floating on the surface level.

Why is it so important?

The importance of a skimmer is way too many to describe.

Firstly if you don’t implant skimmers then cleaning your pool will be too difficult. Cleaning them manually is a hell of a task. But if you don’t clean the pool regularly the water will get dirty and unhealthy before the expiry date. And draining the whole pool isn’t any joke.

This will cost you a ton of money and time as well. So keeping the water clean on a daily basis will be more efficient and time-saving. And this will not only save you money and time but also your health. Swimming in a polluted pool can cause skin irritation and even infection. So cleaning the pool is also beneficial for your health.

And if you neglect the cleaning for a longer period then when you go to clean it, it is going to take extra effort and power consumption of the pump. This will add to more electricity bill.

Besides the pollutant especially the chemical one can imbalance the pH level of your pool water. They can react with the chemical components of the pool water make the water out of balance.

So you need to check for the pH level of the pool once in a while. But for maintaining the pH level as much as possible the best option is cleaning the pool periodically. And skimmers are the best option for that.

Final words:

Now that we discussed all the pool skimmers, their types, and uses, you can realize how important it is to have in your pool. Maintain the pool properly is the first stem to enjoy a good swim.

So give it a deep thought and invest in a good skimmer. What type of skimmer you will need depends on the pool size though. You can always consult with your pool builder company and ask for advice.

Don’t waste time. Just get skimmers for your pool as early as possible. This will help & inspire you to keep your pool neat & clean. So that you can enjoy quality time every time.

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