How to Upgrade Your Pool Light to an LED Color Changing Light(Step by Step)

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When you swim in the swimming pool at night, you get a lot of fun there. A pool decorated with light adds up amazing ambience. If anyone uses the LED pool lights for swimming pool, he can save 80% of energy. And if those are color changing LED pool lights, he and his friends will get a better experience in the pool, no doubt.

So, are you interested in the upgrading process? If you are, this is a complete guideline for you. By reading this article, you can learn the upgrading process step by step.

Upgrading a pool light to an LED color changing light is a simple process. For this, you don't need to hire an expert. It is a one-man job and anyone can do it quite easily if he knows the process. If you want to know it clearly, check the whole content. So, let’s start.

How Does an LED Pool Light Work?

All type of lights are not exactly the same. The LED lights are made with comparatively new technology and ideas. The old-school lights cannot adjust the savings and the efficiency together. But the LED lights can do that brilliantly.

For example, an incandescent pool light uses electricity flowing through the filament to produce light. This process creates a lot amount of heat as waste. The LED pool lights don’t use any filament. It uses tiny light-throwing semiconductors. Electricity passes throw a microchip which creates the LED. This type of light also has heat-sinks that increase the efficiency and lifetime.  

For these reasons, an LED pool light has more power efficiency, lifetime, and brightness than an old-school filament pool light.

Advantages that You Will Get if You Do It

You can get many advantages if you will upgrade your pool light to an LED color changing light. I have figured some main advantages here so that you can easily understand this.

  • Brighter lights

Where the 100-watt incandescent lights produce 1400-1800 lumens, this amount of lumens can be produced by using only 14-20 watt LED pool lights. So, the LED lights are brighter than the other lights.

  • Needs less energy

LED pool light needs less energy to run. It uses the semiconductor technology that saves energy.

  • Creates less heat

The most of the LED pool lights have internal heat-sink systems. That’s why they create less heat and increase the efficiency.

  • More durable

These lights last longer and more durable than the filament pool lights. The LED lights have 10X lifetime than the incandescent lights!

  • Lower usage costs

As these pool lights have high power efficiency and fewer maintenance issues, the usage costs are lower.

  • You will able to color your pool and enjoy   

Usually, the pool LED lights have 7 colors combination or options. You can program the light and color your pool according to your will.

How to Upgrade (Step by Step)

Upgrading the pool light to an LED color changing light is an easy technical task that anyone can complete it by knowing the process clearly. How much you know about it? Here I am giving a complete guideline about the task and discuss all the steps clearly so that you can understand it easily.

  • Choose the suitable one for your pool

Choosing the suitable LED color changing pool light is the first and foremost step that you have to follow. It is up to your choice and preferences also depending on your pool type and shape.

  • Turn off the power to the pool light

Before starting the upgrading work, it is important to turn off the power supply nearby to the pool light. This will increase your safety.

  • Remove the pool light fixture from the niche in the pool wall

Now, open the screws of the pool light fixture and disconnect the line of the fixture and then remove the pool light fixture from its place.

  • Lay the light fixture on a soft surface and disassemble it

It is important to lay the light fixture on a soft and safe surface and then start to disassemble it.

  • Gently remove the lens, gasket, and other parts

Carefully remove the lens and other parts and put them in a safe place to store.

  • Remove the old light

When removing all the light fixture parts is finished, remove the old light from the fixture.

  • Clean the lens and the gasket carefully

Before installing the new pool light, clean the light lens and gasket carefully with a soft cloth or cotton.

  • Dry inside of the light fixture and solve if there’s any problem

Rub a soft cloth inside of the light fixture to dry it. Then check the inside to find any existing problem. If there any, solve it quickly and then go further.

  • Put the new LED light in the light fixture

Now, it is time to install the new LED light in the light fixture properly.

  • Then reassemble all the parts and screw in securely

After putting the new light in the right place, reassemble all the parts of the light fixture and ready it for installation.

  • Submerge the reassembled light housing and watch for bubbles

Before replacing the light housing, submerge it and watch for bubbles. If you will find any, pull it out and make proper steps to make the light housing water leak free.

  • Replace the light fixture properly

After checking and solving all the issues, replace the light fixture correctly.

  • Restore power to the pool light fixture

When the replacing work is finished, turn on the power to the pool light.

  • Test the light

The final step is testing. Check all the functionalities of the LED color changing pool light like color option checking. If the tests go find, the upgrading task is finished.

Final Words

There are several types of pool lights for swimming pool. But none of them can show the great balance of efficiency and durability like the LED pool lights. These lights are also cost-efficient. By using the color changing LED pool light, you can color your pool and make it better.

Hope you have understood all the steps of upgrading the pool light to an LED color changing light and apply them practically. If you can do it successfully, you will able to enjoy more night swimming experience. Have a nice day!

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