The Proper Way to Vacuum an In-Ground Pool

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If you have a pool in your house, you will need to clean and vacuum its ins and outs on a periodic basis. But how much you know about the proper way to vacuum an in-ground pool?

If you don't know clearly or know something, you can check it here. Because this article will let you know a complete guideline of this topic.

Believe me, this is a quite simple job for anyone. You need some common equipment like pool vacuum heads to vacuum an in-ground pool. Read this guideline throughout and attentively. If you will do that, you will able to do the task perfectly. So, let’s begin.

Why You Need to Vacuum an In-Ground Pool Properly

To maintain a shiny and clean pool, a pool is needed to vacuum regularly. This work ensures a great pool experience for the users.

You need to vacuum the in-ground pool properly for these reasons.

  • To maintain cleanness

It is a common matter that a pool is required some cleaning works regularly. You use it or not regularly, you have to clean it on regular basis. Every day you may use a net to catch the big sized dirt but this is not enough. If you vacuum and clean the in-ground pool once or twice a week, your pool will seem shiny and clean like a new one.

  • To balance the pH and chlorine level of the water

The level of pH and chlorine of the pool water are very important things for a pool. The pool owners must keep an ideal balance of them always. By vacuuming, you can suitably balance them.

  • For installing or removing instruments in the pool  

When you will going to install or remove any part of the pool, it is better to vacuum the pool first and then do what you want.

The Equipment You’ll Need

This whole process needs some common equipment to perform. So, don’t worry and check this.

  • Pool vacuum head
  • Telescoping pole
  • Pool net
  • Vacuum hose (long enough to reach every area of the pool)
  • Scrub brush to attach the pole

How to Vacuum an In-Ground Pool Properly

Here I have divided the whole process into these steps. This will help you to understand and perform the task easily. As it is a simple technical task, you don’t need to hire the expert to do it. Now, check these steps to know how to vacuum an in-ground pool properly.

  • Gather the required equipment

It is the first and foremost step that you have to follow. Before doing this job, gathering the equipment together is important. If you don’t do this way, you may face some problems at the time of work and you may have to delay the whole process.

You also have to find the right sized hoses and other devices.

  • Preparation

There are several preparation works that need to perform before vacuuming the pool. First, collect the big sized dirt with the pool net. Air must be removed from all vacuum components. Then put the right end of the hose in water and keep the other parts in the right place.

  • Making proper connection

The pool vacuum collects the necessary power from the pool circulation pump. Normally the suction-action pulls water through the skimmer inlet. Then push the water through the pool filter and after that water back to the pool again. So, it is quite necessary to maintain the proper connection between the systems and then complete the vacuuming work.

Attach the telescopic pole, vacuum head, and hose properly.

  • Filter setting

The filter is an essential device for the pool system. It helps to remove waste from the water and make it clear. The filter system is used in the time of vacuuming. So, the filter setting is another important thing that you cannot deny.

Check the filter before vacuuming and that may have settled at the ‘rinse/waste’ setting option and when vacuuming set the ‘filter’ option there.

  • Vacuuming techniques

Read this part carefully to learn the vacuuming technique properly. It is the main step to vacuum an in-ground pool.

  1. Ensure the pump and the filter are running.
  2. Now, attach the vacuum head to the open end of the telescopic pole properly.
  3. Attach another end of the vacuum head to a hose. If it is needed, use a hose clamp to keep the vacuum head in the correct position.
  4. Then place all the three parts in the pool and make sure the vacuum head rests on the pool ground.
  5. Place another end of the hose in the return jet in the pool. This will remove all the air out.
  6. Now, make sure that the vacuum inlet is only open to the pump. If not, the pump will suck the waste and may stop working.
  7. Remove the basket inside the skimmer and block the end of the hose. Then put the hose into the skimmer. Make sure it is rightly placed into the suction hole.

This is the vacuuming techniques to perform at the time of vacuuming an in-ground pool.

Watch this short video below to better understand How To: Vacuum Your In-Ground Swimming Pool

  • Finishing up

After fishing the vacuuming, remove the connections of the telescopic pole, vacuum head, and hose. Remove the strain and waste if there any. Set the pool filter in the previous setting. Then check the pool water. Add the required chemicals to bring the ideal balance of the chlorine and pH if there happens imbalance.

Final Words

This is the right way of vacuuming a pool. Isn't it easy? You have to keep in mind that when you will going to do this work, read the manufacture instruction first and the start of the vacuum work. The pool vacuum head is the key device for this task. So, check several pool vacuum heads, then choose the suitable vac-head for your pool.

By doing the proper vacuuming an in-ground pool, you can do the pool maintenance and cleaning works nicely. Hope you have learned from here what you want to. Have a nice day!

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