Regulation Volleyball Net Heights: A Definitive Guide

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Do you know what is the correct volleyball net height in feet? The right height of the volleyball net has really an undeniable impact on the volleyball game. The game net is a key element for this game.

But if you don’t know the right regulation of the net heights and hang it in a improper way, you won’t be able to have perfect taste of the volleyball game. Eventually you will face lots of problems.

There are some universal guidelines for volleyball game. Maintaining the proper net height is one of them. For example, if you hang the net too high or too low, the game may become unattractive. So, it is important to know the right regulations of volleyball net height.

How much you know about this? If you want to know this clearly, this article can help you a lot. So, let’s begin.

Why This Topic is Important to Know

After knowing the accurate sizes of the volleyball fields and the volleyball ball sizes, the net heights measurement is a must have knowledge for the volleyball game. If the players, coaches and the organizers don’t know the right height for the game net, there may arise some issues of dispute regarding the wrong height of the net. That is not hoped for a sound game. That’s why this is important to know.

Volleyball Net Height Rules

The volleyball net height standard depends on certain factors. These factors are the player’s sex, their ages, and where the game is being played. The net’s height is measured from the middle point of the volleyball court and the heights at both sides of the net have to be the same. 

I have discussed the net regulation separately and properly here so that you can easily understand all the factors in detail. Here we go.

Men’s volleyball net height 

Men’s volleyball net height that is internationally recognized is 7 feet, 11.625 inches (2.43 meters).

There are several age-based volleyball events for men. The volleyball net height for 55 to 69 age’s people is 7 feet, 9.627 inches (2.38 meters).

And for ages 70+, the net height regulation is 7 feet, 6 inches (2.29 meters).

Women’s volleyball net height 

The standard women’s volleyball net height is 7 feet, 4.125 inches (2.24 meters).

The measurement of net height for volleyball women’s game is different than the net height of men volleyball games. For ages 45+, the net height will be allowed at 7 feet, 2.125 inches 2.19 meters).

Youth’s volleyball net height 

There are several categories in the youth volleyball game. So, there are different height rules for different categories. Here they are.


Age Limit

Standard Height

Boys and Girls

11 - 12

7 Feet 

Junior boys

10 and under

7 Feet 

Junior girls

10 and under

6.6 Feet 

Middle school

Above 12

7+ Feet (It varies)

Sitting volleyball net height

The sitting volleyball is played on the smaller court. In case of men’s sitting volleyball, the standard net height is 3 feet, 9.28 inches (1.15 meters).

For women, the sitting volleyball net height is 3 feet in international standard, 5.34 inches (1.05 meters).

Beach Volleyball Net Height

Like other events, the beach volleyball net’s height regulations are different for the men, women, and youth.

The standard net height for men for the beach volleyball for adults is 7 feet, 11.625 inches (2.43 meters).

And for the women, net height is 7 feet, 4.125 inches (2.24 meters).

For boys & girls 14 and under, the required height of the net is 6 feet, 11.5 inches (2.121 meters).

For boys & girls 12 and under, the required height of the net is 6 feet, 6.75 inches (2 meters).

Outdoor Volleyball Net Height

Outdoor volleyball means the game is played in an open place like on grass. The net height is needed to measure from the ground.

The height of net for men in outdoor volleyball international game is 7 feet, 11.625 inches (2.43 meters).

And for women, the standard net height is 7 feet, 4.125 inches (2.24 meters).

How To Find The Regulation Volleyball Net Easily

After knowing the exact measurement of volleyball net height, finding a right measurement for the net is the next step.

For this reason, you should buy the net from well-known sports shops or from online sports product companies. But before buying check all your requirements and discuss with the expert and then decide what to do.

Measuring Tips To Measure A Volleyball Net Properly

If you follow these instructions, you will able to measure the heights correctly and there will be no mistake. So, when you will measure the volleyball nets height, always try to consider these points.

  • You always have to measure the height from the middle part of the volleyball court surface with a right measuring tool like the net chain. Otherwise, you may not get the right height of the net which is not expected at all.
  • Keep in mind that both ends of the net have to remain at the same height. Both the heights have to measure from the flat ground surface. It is an essential thing that you cannot overlook.
  • Inaccuracy should be kept in between 0.75 inches from the standard.
  • If you will measure the beach or outdoor game net height, make sure that you will measure from the flat surface of the playing ground.

Final Words

Ensuring the standard net height is one of the important factors in volleyball game. And so it is important to know the exact measurement of volleyball net height.

For this reason, here I have brought up every ins and outs of volleyball net height.

Keeping the volleyball net on the correct height is not a tough task. Hope by following this guideline, you will able to measure the game net height correctly and adjust it with the required height which is necessary to keep.

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