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We are always looking for sports enthusiasts to share their journey and experience, be it indoor, outdoor or any sort of sports you like. To write for us, the first requirement is to have in-depth knowledge about the specific sports or game, and second is – write the experience in easy words for other players, how they can be benefited and gain motivation.

Some Conditions:

  • 100% Original Content (In a topic that we haven’t covered yet in our articles)
  • 1000 - 1500 words in length
  • Relevant Images of the sport (Your own images are more preferred, if not, we can add images from Shutterstock)


  • If you are an existing site owner and writing on our blog for backlink, well, in that case, we don’t make any payment for your article (You can include relevant authority site links in our article including your site)
  • If you are a regular sports oriented personnel, and have vast experience in sports gears and equipment (for any sports), you can write for us remotely as a content contributor. Apply, and we can discuss about payment over email.

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